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Account Status

Scholarship Paid Out...........................................$2000.00 

Scholarships  Pending  Due to LDS Missions.....$2000.00

Current Balance of Bank & PayPal Accounts.....$10,598.45

As you can see, we are in a good condition financially, however, we

would like to be able to see this scholarship continue for many years. There are a number of people who are making small ($10-$20) monthly automatic donations to the scholarship fund.  This is a wonderful idea and I'd like to encourage others to consider really does add up when there are a lot of people doing this and face it...THERE ARE A LOT OF FORMER BOBCAT BAND MEMBERS OUT THERE! 😀 So please consider this! You can make a donation on the donation page of this website or by stopping by any Zions Bank branch and making the donation to the Burley Bobcat Band Scholarship Fund. Thank you so much in advance because I know that you will remember the days you had with your friends in the band and will be willing to make a donation to keep this scholarship alive!


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